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Bootstrap Incubation is a venture capital firm of successful, specialized entrepreneurs dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses. From consulting services to enterprise software, the portfolio companies of Boostrap Incubation strive to help businesses reach their full potential. Our portfolio companies include:


Perceivant's real-time data analytics tool provides companies access to their data in a quick, simple and affordable way. By correlating and connecting data in a timely, actionable format, the fully-hosted cloud solution empowers mid-market companies to access their data in easy-to-understand dashboards and use it in innovative ways to make effective business decisions. One of a growing number of ground-breaking, entrepreneurial, high-tech companies in Indiana, it was founded by successful leaders with expertise garnered at successful start-ups such as iGoDigital and Exact Target.


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Visual Assay by Label Independent, Inc., is revolutionary enterprise software that captures biotech research as it is executed, allowing real-time assay development and data capture, instant collaboration and improved reproducibility. The platform allows scientists, lab managers and IT departments to resolve many chanllenges faced in laboratory research.


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Alternetics provides customer relationship management (CRM) software consulting, support and expertise. Though CRM has been deployed in thousands of organizations in the last decade, few ever realize the full value and ROI of CRM. The ease of access to CRM software generally masks the skills and expertise required to make CRM truly useful. Whether your needs are deploying, integrating, upgrading or optimizing your CRM, Alternetics' team of experts has the skills and experience needed to complete even your most complex CRM projects.


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LoyaltyGenerator offers email, direct mail, SMS, list purchasing and call center support from one online portal. The platform helps small business owners maximize their marketing efforts by providing the collective resources needed to strategically and automatically engage with new and existing customers, with no effort or time required. The automated cross-media marketing platform fills the communication gap for companies who have significant administrative burdens, lack specific marketing expertise or have limited budgets.


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Sequoia Consulting Group provides pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and healthcare consulting services that help companies solve mission-critical business issues at each stage of their life cycle. We strive to harness the potential of software advancements to fundamentally change the way life-changing medicines and medical devices are developed, manufactured and sold around the world.


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